Ikigai Notes "Mobile" Journal & Life Planner (for Professionals, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Parents)

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Ikigai Notes "Mobile" Journal & Life Planner (for Professionals, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Parents)

Denver Mishima
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Are you always struggling to balance time for your work, your relationships, and your interests?

Discover the power of Journaling and Life Planning that makes you engage with all three of your Life Tasks on equal terms...

Introducing, Ikigai Notes -- a True "Mobile" Journal & Life Planner for Creators, Professionals, and Artists

Life can be painful and confusing especially if you don't get your priorities right.

I know because I've been there myself. I've been lost and confused for most of my 20s.

I almost lost my family because I wasn't clear about my priorities.

But I've learned my lesson and as a symbol of this life-changing lesson, I've created something so that I would never lose sight of what's important ever again--I've created a journal and a life planner.

Although it took me some time to get the design right, it was all worth it. Now I can manage all my Life Tasks with one small book that I can take with me anywhere I go (and I mean anywhere).

I wanted it to be my buddy, my confidant, and my tool for clarity.

So I designed it in a way that I don't have to part with it ever again.

At work, on errands, while hiking, and even beside me in my bed, I never want to part with it.

After years of using and perfecting it, it's now ready to be shared with the world.

It's now ready to be shared with you!

A One-of-a-kind Life Planner

This is not your ordinary life planner out there.

So much thought and planning were done to design and build this planner.

This is the only physical Life Planner out there that's based on Ikigai--a groundbreaking concept of well-being and abundance. Ikigai is the Japanese concept that forces you to answer the question, "what's worth living for you?"

All answers to this question can be categorized into these three I call our Three Life Tasks:

#1. improve the Self (to self-actualize)
#2. build meaningful Relationships (to belong)
#3. engage in meaningful Work (to contribute)

For you to succeed in life you'll have to deal with all three of your Life Tasks.

You can't get away from them. Even if you did, you'll have a life that will seem incomplete.

This Life Planner was designed so that you can engage successfully with all three of your Life Tasks.

A Truly "Mobile" Journal

If you want a journal that would help you clarify your thoughts and make you more self-aware, you need a journal you could quickly use to write your thoughts.

You don't need a bulky book with large blank pages―you're not going to write a novel. What you need is a structure and a prompt to get journaling fast and easy.

And you want it on the go so when you rush out to go on an errand you can quickly bring it with you.

One of the best features of Ikigai Notes is its mobility―you can put it in your pocket.

What's more, you can insert 4 credit cards into its side pockets so you can use it as a light wallet on the go!

More than just a Journal, it's a tool to help you succeed in life

Other than encouraging you to have a well-rounded life that enables you to effectively engage and be successful in all three of your Life Tasks, other benefits that Ikigai Notes can bring to your life are as follows:

  • Be more confident – Ikigai Note’s mobile size, elegant style, and wallet function will make you want to bring it with you anywhere you go. Having IN with you is like having a buddy or a muse that’s always there for you, rooting for you every step of the way.
  • Be more decisive – write down your core values, your life vision, your goals, and the tasks at hand, so you will have clarity of mind. Knowing your end goals will help you make better decisions when you find yourself confused and in difficult situations.
  • Enhance your creativity – use IN as a medium onto which you pour your ideas and thoughts into. Jot down your illusive dreams immediately when you wake up or write ideas down as soon as you thought of them. Practice your brain and enhance your creativity using the daily blank page.
  • Succeed in life – to be successful in life you only need to do three things. First, continuously improve yourself; second, build deep lasting relationships; third, do meaningful work that contributes to the world. IN structures your life so you effectively deal with all three of your life tasks.

Just imagine how one journal/life planner could positively affect your life for the better.

Imagine finally improving your relationship with your spouse and children.

Imagine finally starting to live the life that you've always wanted.

Ikigai Notes can help you do that and more. The advantages you get are just priceless.

Features & Other Neat Stuff

I get it.

A lot of people want to know all the features and functions of Ikigai Notes before they buy it.

I know since I tend to be that way too. I do my due diligence first before I take out my credit card from my IN (yes, IN works as a light wallet too).

So if you really want to have a showdown, here is the list of features and benefits that IN brings to the table:

Some Features & Functions

  • Light & Mobile – with 9.5 x 18.5 x 1.5cm dimension, and at 100g weight, take it with you anywhere you go.

  • Card Holder – IN has four credit card pockets, use it as your main wallet!

  • Easy Goal Setting – easily set your goals, concretely and step-by-step
  • Time blocking – there is a nifty weekly scheduler that you can use to time block similar tasks.
  • Vacation Tracker – has a vacation tracker so you could plan your vacation throughout the year.
  • Habit Tracker – if you are to be effective and consistent you’ll need to develop good habits. Our habit tracker makes you start small so it's easier to build one.

  • Checklists – we included a checklist that you could use to get you up and running in no time.
  • Self-evaluator – IN includes a weekly self-evaluation tool for you to get a general feel of your week and your 4-month performance.
  • Full One-year Planner – no need to buy four separate planners, IN comes with a full year 54-week planner.

  • Set Yearly Goals – our goal-setting method is easy and systematic. Start with your core values, and then your vision, your principles, and your goals for your three life tasks. Break them down into monthly projects and milestones, and then into daily tasks.

Reviews and Praises for Ikigai Notes

But don't take our word for it. Check out what others has to say about Ikigai Notes:

"I bring my journal anywhere I go."

We'll update this section as soon as we get our customer's feedback. In the meantime, you could see our successful Kickstarter campaign for Ikigai Notes below.

As featured on Kickstarter

Check out our original Kickstarter campaign so you'll understand the background during the development phase of Ikigai Notes. As I wrote in that campaign, IN is all about empowering you to regain back your courage:

  • the courage to choose your own destiny
  • the courage to engage in deep relationships and love unconditionally
  • the courage to contribute your best to this world

See our successful Kickstarter campaign here:
Kickstarter Ikigai Notes "Life Purpose" Planner & Journal

*Ikigai Notes will be delivered with no additional Shipping Fee and will be shipped to you directly from Tokyo, Japan.

How to contact Denver?

・DM and say "Hello" to me on Twitter: @ExtremeIkigai
・Send me an email: denver@ikigainotes.com

I want this!

You'll get...

・A mobile Planner/Journal you can put in your pocket
・Stylish and light (at only 100g you'll be proud to take IN with you anywhere you go)
・4 credit card pockets (so you could use IN as your sub wallet!)
・Full 1-year undated life planner/journal (start anytime of the year)
・Easy goal settings (based on our original Ikigai concept)
・Vacation tracker (set your vacation time througout the year)
・Weekly scheduler and timeblocking
・Habit tracker (track 10 important habits you want to build)
・Checklists (ready made checklists to get you up and running in no time)
・Self-evaluator (you want to track your day and your progress? You got it)
・Morning and evening reflection, daily summary, weekly gratitude/lessons recap
・Free Ebook guide on how to set your core values, your vision, and your life goals
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